A New Way to Sell Your Books

I just found A New Way to sell Your Books.   Kindle has a new Countdown Program and i am so excited that I decided to write a little about it. If you have books on kindle or are about to add books to kindle you want to be aware of this option we now have.

Basically, if you are in the KDP program it will allow you to run a limited sales discount that you control. You can set the amount of time of the sale, up to seven days.

You will still get the 70% royalty option even if your sales price is below the $2.99  providing that you were at the 70% royalty option before the sale.

The customer will see the sales price as well as the original price, plus a notice on how soon there will be a price increase.

Amazon has even added a dedicated website, where customers will be able to go and see which Kindle Countdown Deals are available. This is going to be big. As word gets out, more and more people will shop there first, looking for deals at a reduced price.

You can even set it up so that the price increases every 24 hours during your sale so that the sooner someone buys your book the more they will save.

If you belong to the kindle KDP program go and take a look, there are more details than I could list here. If you don’t belong, you might want to consider joining.

I am so excited about this that I had to give it a try with one of my books to run from Nov. 3rd until the 8th.  I have chosen my Herbs in the Kitchen book, which you can go check out at: http://chefwilliamlikes.me/The Herb Book

So go check it out and you will see the little box where they show when the price in increase back to the original price.

Remember, the holidays are almost here, a lot of people will be shopping for books, and this could be some extra income for those of us at have them for sale.



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8 Responses to A New Way to Sell Your Books

  1. Caro Ness

    We shall have to investigate, William!

  2. Amy

    Great news, Chef! This sounds like a great opportunity! Blessings on your book sales and thanks for sharing this with your devoted followers!

  3. Julia Neiman

    Thank you for sharing this information Chef William. I am on the 70% program so I’ll have to take advantage of this. Now to ponder (overthink) the pricing strategy. :-)

  4. Have just caught up with this chef, sound advice, do we know if it works with paperbacks ?
    We are in the KDP so will look now, thanks so much :)
    Anita-Clare Field recently posted..Chicken Katsu With Curry SauceMy Profile

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