Free Range Chickens

Free Range Chickens

This is how Free Range Chickens eat. Not in cages.

I am going to write my opinion about Free Range Chickens and why you should only eat Free Range Chickens and not the chicken found in your local Supermarket or fast food chain. This is only my opinion so treat it as one mans opinion and nothing else.
In the United States,  The FDA approved using arsenic in chicken feed because it allows the chicken to grow fatter, faster and gives the chickens skin a nice color. This allows the chicken rancher to feed them less and get them to market earlier.

The European Unions ruled that arsenic can not be added to chicken feed for chickens raised and sold in Europe.

The reason is simple. Arsenic is a poisonous chemical, classified as a Class 1 carcinogen, which means it is highly toxic to humans. While the consumption of some arsenic is unavoidable, as in what is in our water supple, ask yourself, how much is to much.

In 2012 we found out that arsenic had been found in our rice supply, including brown rice and organic rice. When the reports were reviewed, it was found to be the rice produced in the United States that was the main problem. Why? Because when cotton was being raised in the south back in the 50’s and 60’s it was sprayed with a pesticide that contained arsenic. This arsenic leached into the soil, where it remains. Rice is raised in water that allows the arsenic to enter the root system of the rice. Doesn’t it just make you want to run out and order Chicken with rice for dinner?

We won’t even go into the GMO corn that is feed to our cattle. The corn is sprayed with a pesticide that prevents weeds from growing. That’s another story for another time.

If you can purchase Free Range Chickens that have actually be raised on the ground where they scratched for seen and bugs, you will pay a little higher price. But ask yourself, is my health and the health of my family worth paying a little more? Remember, the rancher that produces the Free Range Chickens had to work harder, and keep them longer to raise them. As for the color of the chickens breast, they can get that color from eating marigolds just as easy as eating arsenic.

This is just my opinion, I am sure that there are many that will disagree with me, and they can share their opinions with you on their blog posts.

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Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices




Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices

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8 Responses to Free Range Chickens

  1. Caro Ness

    There is NOTHING like a free range chicken!
    Caro Ness recently posted..No Peace For The Wicked!My Profile

  2. Hmm. Is Free Range Chicken the 5%????
    Now, Empire KOSHER chicken are free range, so there’s a choice for you.
    I don’t think GMO corn is sprayed with pesticides- the farmers may do that, but GMO corn is corn grown to be resistant to various blight- and NOT sprayed. (I have no official problems with GMO corn- just the way it is marketed [or is that “protected’?]).
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..1, 2, 3, 4– exercise- get out the doorMy Profile

    • Yes, free range chicken is in my 5% group. Fish is also, but very little beef and no pork.
      I have not seen Empire Kosher chickens out here although I am sure they are here. It took
      me a while to find Hebrew National Hot Dogs but they are in almost all the stores now.
      Your right about the corn, not sprayed just altered I know they spray the cabbage out here,
      and the crops in Florida and California. I guess I need to address that in it’s own blog post
      in a few days. I’ve got some recipes ahead of it, but I will get all my information together and
      make a case for less is better when it comes to GMO. The fact that God gave me the corn but Monsanto
      holds the patent on it seems a little much.
      William H Chaney recently posted..Free Range ChickensMy Profile

  3. Amy

    I love this post. I had no idea about the arsenic in commercial chicken feed, but that doesn’t surprise me. blah!! The thing is, how can you trust the packaging on “Free Range” chickens–from what I’ve heard, the labeling can mean just that they have “access” (i.e., perhaps a small door to the chicken yard that may or may not be discovered by the thousands of chickens in the unit) to free range, not that they actually find it. I think it’s preferable to find a small farmer who raises chickens (or cows or pigs) in a healthy and humane way, and buy from him. Great post! And a note to Roy: we are surrounded by GMO corn in our area, and they DO spray it, and often.
    Amy recently posted..How to love your jobMy Profile

    • You are so right about the free range claim. As long as they have access to the ground the rancher is allowed
      to call them free range. That part is a shame, and the small farmer is the way to go. The picture I used is of
      chickens eating corn that I had just tossed to them to get the picture. The corn was organically grown, the only
      fertilizer used is supplied by the free range cattle in the area. I took it while visiting a friend in the
      Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. It was a three hour, no real road, four wheel drive to get to their place
      after leaving the hwy.
      No electricity. At night you live by the light of the moon (when there is one) and I would lay in the darkness
      and listen to the river splashing over the rocks a quarter of a mile away…can’t wait to go back :)
      William H Chaney recently posted..Free Range ChickensMy Profile

  4. Joyce Hansen says:

    Give my anything that’s grown home on the range rather than closed pens for pigs, calves, cattle and chickens.
    Joyce Hansen recently posted..Why persecute your brain?My Profile

    • I agree with you 100% It always taste better but some people never get the
      chance to experience it. Some never get out of the city. I am so thankful
      that my foster parents were farmers.
      William H Chaney recently posted..Free Range ChickensMy Profile

  5. Debbie

    Yes, I agree. I would like to to raise our own again…
    Debbie recently posted..5 tips for getting through cabin fever.My Profile

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