Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adventures

Zip-line adventure in Mexico

My nephew will lead the way on a zip-line adventure

You’re on vacation so enjoy Puerto Vallarta Outdoor adventures. One of my Nephews works for this company so of course whenever family visits, we must try a new adventure. There are so many great things to do that you will wonder where the time went if you try to fit them all in. My advice is to visit for two to three weeks at a time and to visit more than once. It takes that much time to enjoy all that an area has to offer. For your safety they offer double-security zip-lines.



Some adventures will start your adventure on horseback as you head up into the Sierra Madre. It is a full day packed with fun and adventure.






Others will start their adventure on an all terrain vehicle where you will wind your way up into the mountains for a day of fun in the sun.





You can zip-line over the mountains and have a great view as you fly through the jungle on a series of world class zip lines








You can stay cool when you zip along the water as it rushes down the mountain side. A great way to cool down on a hot afternoon.





Do you like to rappel? Just tell your guide before you start out and they will make sure that you get “hooked up” with the right group. My Niece, Andrea knows no fear.




If you don’t wish to ride horses or all terrain vehicles, there is another way to enjoy a day

My Mexican family "hamming it Up"

My Mexican family “hamming it Up”

in the Sierra Madre mountains and that is the guided tour off the beaten path in their 4×4 vehicles. They will take you to visit villages in the remote areas outside Puerto Vallarta.




You will enjoy a guided nature walk and get introduced to the unique ecosystem of the 534500_3757560250824_1994521590_nSierra Madre mountains.  Learn about the history of Mexico and the flora and fauna in amazing detail. Visit a casa and enjoy hand made tortillas and tacos. And they do have an open bar for the ride back after a day of adventure and education.






On some of the adventures you will stop here for an afternoon lunch. Your view will be one to remember so bring a water proof camera.






While you enjoy lunch, look out over the Sierra Madre mountain range. Think of all the history buried in those mountains. Once you have visited here, you will want to return.



387117_3806446832958_1266327405_nMy nephew and his family say “Come, visit our Mexico, let us show you the land that you have never seen, enjoy it’s beauty, for once you have our sand in your sandals you must  return’

Mexico is a country to be enjoyed. Wonderful beaches, great people, food that will make you want to dance and a great nightlife for the young at heart.

Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices


Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices

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5 Responses to Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adventures

  1. Amy

    I love this wonderful glimpse of Mexico that you’re showing us. Lovely. Which did you do–rappelling, horse-back riding or zip-lining?
    Amy recently posted..Helping Philippa lay her egg: an egg-binding adventureMy Profile

    • Chef William says:

      I like the big yellow 4 by 4. It takes you to a hiking area. You walk “slowly” along
      trails and enjoy the flowers and plants. You eat a light lunch in an area with a
      breath taking view and then in the afternoon you visit Sayulita, that village on the
      ocean only a short distance from our ocean property. I have promised my nephew that
      I will zip-line on the next trip to Mexico so I’ve got some work cut out for me
      when I get back to Wisconsin. I’m in no shape for that right now. But in the words
      of Robert Service “A promise made, is a debt unpaid” so I’ll do it.
      Chef William recently posted..Puerto Vallarta Outdoor AdventuresMy Profile

  2. Action packed holiday. Some of those appeal and others don’t but I’d be happy to let someone else have a go and I’ll sit back and appreciate.
    Heather Waring recently posted..Goal or Intention Setting as a Way to AchieveMy Profile

    • Chef William says:

      That is the big yellow 4×4, you get to set and enjoy the view for most of the trip, with some walking but
      it is at a slow pace as you look at all the beauty around you. There are also boat trips that people can
      enjoy without all the excitement.
      Chef William recently posted..Puerto Vallarta Outdoor AdventuresMy Profile

  3. Looks like there’s lots of adventures to be had. Love the image of the sand in the sandals. I”m there!
    Carolina HeartStrings recently posted..WORDLESS WEDNESDAYMy Profile

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