Refried Beans

Mexican refried beansI’m not really sure why they are called refried beans. They are cooked once and then they are fried. You only fry them once. We have beans in our house almost daily. We switch them around and eat many different beans however black beans and pinto beans are the favorites. Both can be fried nicely, but there are dozens of recipes that we can use to keep from becoming bored with them. Drunken beans are always a hit when we have a barbecue.
Today we will be using pinto beans.

To start with, you always hand sort the beans before you start to cook then. Sort them sort beansand remove anything that should not be there such as small pebbles. Then rinse them.

You need a nice pot to cook them in. We use a clay pot that we brought from Mexico. As you can see from the picture it is black on the outside from a lot of use. If we Mexican bean Pothappen to be cooking on the grill, we make room for the bean pot which helps give it that well used look.

Some recipes suggest that you soak the beans over night, but we have never done this for pinto or black beans. Some beans such as garbanzo’s really must be soaked.

While the beans are cooking we add a large clove of garlic for each cup of beans we are cooking. The beans will take a couple of hours over low heat, depending on the size of the beans so you will need to monitor them once in a while.

After the beans are cooked, but justĀ  soft, we remove them from the heat. Next we P1090408warm up a frying pan, add a diced half of an onion. Red or white, they both work. We happen to grow more red onions than white onions so they become the onion of choice.


P1090410Once the onions are soft, we add the beans and stir them into the onions, and we start to mash them. Stirring and mashing until the beans are completely P1090416mashed.



During this process, we add a little grated cheese and mix it into the beans as well as a P1090417little salt. At this point you can add a dash of cumin and coriander if you wish. We don’t add the extra spices because we are going to be adding salsas, more cheese, and avocado when we eat them so the extra spices will get lost in the finished product.

When the beans are finished being mashed and can be called “refried beans” we top them with a little more cheese, cilantro for a garnish and they are ready to serve.Mexican refried beans

Chef WilliamFor more exciting recipes check out Chef William’s Mexican cookbook at Mexican Fiesta Recipes

Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices


Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices

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10 Responses to Refried Beans

  1. Thanks for clearing up that term “refried beans”…
    Maybe, because they always look like someone used them before they served them to me…
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted..Uncompensated CareMy Profile

    • Chef William says:

      yap, That’s one of the reasons we make them and eat them at home. The other reason is that
      a lot of places use lard when they saute the onions and that is not part of our diet.
      Chef William recently posted..Refried BeansMy Profile

  2. Jean Buschke

    Why did I think this was so difficult? You made it so easy to understand. Thanks!

    • Chef William says:

      I enjoy my time in Mexico where I spend time in the cooking area of the
      different cooks I know. They always know the easy way to do things because
      they do them daily.
      Chef William recently posted..Refried BeansMy Profile

  3. We are lying in bed, reading your blog and feeling the need to get up and cook, we love refried beans. How yummy, I have been looking for a decent recipe for years and now I have it !
    Anita-Clare Field recently posted..MoussakaMy Profile

  4. Cooking in pot? I absolutely LOVE it. Culturally and historically it really speaks to me. How about a post on the basics of pot cooking – sizes, thickness, temp, purposes…?
    Carolina HeartStrings recently posted..OATMEAL TOFFEE COOKIE BARSMy Profile

  5. Amy

    I want to make refried beans for our tostadas tonight and I’m so glad that I remember that I had seen a recipe on your blog! Yippee it looks so easy and so good! But now I have a serious longing for a pot for cooking my beans just like yours . . .
    Amy recently posted..Loaded-up Pretzel Cookies plus!My Profile

    • Chef William says:

      I noticed that a family member will be making you bean pot, and that is good. Clay pots need to be
      sealed before using them with food, often the bean pots made in Mexico are not properly sealed so
      you want to be sure that it states, “good for cooking” or something to that effect if you decide to
      purchase one ready made. If they are imported from Mexico and are not for cooking, they must state
      “Do not use for cooking” or another warning.
      Chef William recently posted..Kitchen Cooking Tips #1My Profile

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