Sea Salt is The Healthy Choice

Sea Salt Is The Healthy Choice

Secrets to enjoying your meals start with knowing what you are eating

When it comes to salt, Sea Salt is The Healthy Choice that should be in every kitchen. While salt may be the most popular seasoning in the world, but it is not a spice.

In a very large percentage of the recipes presented on my blog and in my cook books, you will find the suggestion that you use Fresh ground Sea Salt and Fresh ground Pepper. While it is very important to your overall health that you limit the amount of salt you use in your meals, some salt will be required for most recipes. If we must use some salt, we want to be sure that we use the best salt that we can.

Sea Salt is easier on our digestive system than regular table salt and it is taster. That is because of the vegetation and minerals floating in the water. That is also the reason that sea salt from one ocean will taste different that salt from another ocean. For that reason. I keep more than one sea salt in my seasoning rack. The mineral composition can include zinc, magnesium and iron plus up to about 47 others. Just as India’s Tellicherry pepper is considered the cream of the crop of peppers, France’s Fleur de sel or “flower of the Sea” is considered to be the top of the line in sea salt.

Of the other two salts, Kosher salt, is a type of coarse salt which is usually made without additives but does sometimes have minerals added to it. The salt itself is not necessarily Kosher, but takes its name from the curing process used on Kosher meats. It is also sold as rock salt. This would be the next best choice after Sea salt.

The last choice one should make is for table salt. This salt has had all the flavors stripped out of it. It has been more heavily processed to eliminate minerals and usually contains an additive to prevent clumping. Most table salt also has added iodine, which is an essential nutrient that helps maintain a healthy thyroid.

The world has been using salt in one form or another since the beginning of time. In today’s world of highly processed foods we are in danger of using to much of it. It does have it’s down side. The health risks associated with high salt intake, include high blood pressure in sensitive individuals. It also causes water retention which can result in unwanted weight gain. It is safer to use salt in moderation. There are some foods that already contain salt such as pears and bananas. When cooking it is often easy to reduce the amount of salt called for in a recipe by 1/3 without effecting the flavor of the finished product. Try to avoid products that advertise salt on the outside of the package as a plus ingredient.  Chances are it has way more salt that your body needs.

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Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices



Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices

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7 Responses to Sea Salt is The Healthy Choice

  1. I had no idea that bananas contained salt to such a degree that you should consider this in recipes….. wow.
    Carolina HeartStrings recently posted..TOAD-IN-THE-HOLEMy Profile

    • Chef William says:

      I really am sorry. I do believe that I miss worded that and will go back and rewrite that
      part of the article this afternoon. I was not trying to say they had too much salt, I was trying to
      point out that sodium can be found in places that you would never expect it. A banana only
      contains a milligram which is nothing to worry. My lovely wife was home yesterday and pulled me
      away from the computer at least 5 or 6 times, which made it hard to keep my train of thought.
      Chef William recently posted..Sea Salt is The Healthy ChoiceMy Profile

  2. Hmmmm I am really naughty when it comes to salt – I love it but I use it sparingly and I use salt crystals – Maldon Salt
    Anita-Clare Field recently posted..Gastro Tour – Narni, The Genuine Taste Of UmbriaMy Profile

  3. Interesting post.
    We only use sea salt and himalayan pink mineral salt.

    • Chef William says:

      Pretty much the same in our house, but we do use a collection of different sea salts. There
      is some different flavors depending on the ocean they came from. I do it because as a
      chef I work with flavors a lot and am always looking for ways to set my recipes apart from
      others. Chefs are strange that way.
      Chef William recently posted..Sea Salt is The Healthy ChoiceMy Profile

  4. Amy

    I’ve always laughed at the moniker “sea salt,” as I guess I assumed that ALL salt was (originally) sea salt. Even the salt that is mined out of salt mines in the middle of Kansas was in the sea at one time, wasn’t it? But your primer on salt explains the difference between all the types of salt very well. I’m a bit afraid of not using iodized salt because I’ve always been a bit susceptible to thyroid problems. Salt is a more complicated topic than I would have guessed!
    Amy recently posted..Peafowl SummerMy Profile

    • Chef William says:

      Sea salt contains iodine in trace amounts, but, not sufficient enough to meet the daily requirement of a human body.
      If you have concerns the thyroid problems, I would stay with the iodized table salt if I were you. You might get a
      little himalayan pink mineral salt just for fun and put it on the table for your little guy to discover.
      Chef William recently posted..Sea Salt is The Healthy ChoiceMy Profile

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