The Local Farmers Market For Breakfast

Local farmers marketsHave you considered visiting The Local Farmers Market for Breakfast foods to get your day started right?
If you are looking for fresh, creative breakfast ideas, you can’t do better than the local farmers market.  Who knows better about how best to use what’s fresh and available than the people who grow it?  You need a day’s worth of energy in your breakfast, just like the farmers do.  So, why not start your day by making a great breakfast with the ingredients you picked up at the local farmers market? Here are a few ideas to get you started making a nutritious and delicious morning meal.

Very Special Pancakes

A farmers market breakfast can start with anything.  To make it simple, let’s look at a breakfast favorite, the pancake.  But, if you’re thinking plain, think again.  How about a plate of pancakes with chives, goat cheese, and fresh peas? If that idea doesn’t get your mouth watering, you might want to try other herbs, vegetables, fresh greens, and specialty cheeses. You can even mix some pureed pumpkin or other squash into the batter. I’m a big fan for putting corn into the pancake mix. Usually I roast corn the night before that we enjoy with dinner that night, then, if I am lucky enough to have a few ears of roasted corn left over, I remove it from the husks and use some of it in pancakes the next day, and make a corn salsa with the rest.

If you’re looking for sweet instead of savory, or a combination of the two, try a selection of seasonal berries or fruit, then mix in fresh herbs to compliment.  Peaches and rosemary are a good combination that surprises and delights the taste buds.  You can add soft cheeses to fruit filled pancakes just as successfully as you can to savory pancakes.  No matter what’s in season at your farmers market, you can find a way to include it in a pancake in the morning.

Market Medley

Some people call it hash, others call it a skillet meal, but no matter what you call it, you know it’s downright delicious. Start by taking seasonal potatoes, scrub them or peel them, and cook them in a big pot of salted water just until knife tender.  Drain the pot and let them cool, then dice them.  You have the beginning to a hash skillet medley.  Grab any fresh produce you brought home from the market;  onions, peppers, zucchini,  bush beans, rutabaga, turnips, carrots, kale, collards… well, you get the idea.

Get your big skillet out, throw in some oil or butter or diced bacon and start frying.  Get your potatoes in there, then start adding whatever you want and cook until potatoes are browned and the rest of the veggies are tender. You can top the skillet meal with some cheese, chili beans, shredded cooked meat, or even an egg or two.  Whatever you add to the skillet, you’ve got a base built on farm freshness that is bound to please.

Clever Crepes

fruit pancakesDon’t panic – crepes are actually incredibly easy. The problem people have with crepes is that the batter is not the right consistency.  Make sure the batter is thin enough to easily swirl around in the pan.  If your batter looks like pancake batter in the bowl, it’s too thick.  Find a good recipe for crepe batter or buy a pre-boxed mix.  You can always switch to homemade once you get an idea of how crepe batter should look. Just keep in mind that the home made batter will be much healthier, without the chemicals added that the mix has.   But, enough of that.  Let’s get to the fun stuff.

Crepes can actually be flavored themselves.  If you are making a savory crepe dish, filled with herbs and veggies, add a few herbs right into the crepes.  If you are making sweet crepes, filled with warm spices and fruit, add a few of those spices in the crepes.  This isn’t necessary, but it is pretty and tasty.  Once you have made your crepes, you’re ready for the filling.  Lightly fried or grilled strips of zucchini with a soft herbed cheese makes a nice savory crepe.  Seasonal fruit combined with a simple custard is a beautiful start to the day. My wife loves it when I make them with fresh berries. Whether sweet or savory, crepes make breakfast just seem more special.

A trip through the local farmers market should give you plenty of inspiration for these three simple breakfast choices.  Fresh is best, whether it’s dinner, lunch, or the nicest meal of the day – breakfast. This is the best time of the year to be visiting your local farmers market, the crops are coming to harvest almost daily, It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Chef WilliamEat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices


Eat Healthy, Laugh Often and Enjoy Life~

Healthy Food choices

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4 Responses to The Local Farmers Market For Breakfast

  1. Some of our farmers’ markets actually have vendors that will make/serve/sell breakfast. An extra reason to go! And I agree, this is a great place to find inspiration and get suggestions!
    Carolina HeartStrings recently posted..BANANA PUDDING PIZZAMy Profile

    • Chef William says:

      We live on what we grow and what we can get at the farmers markets during the season. Today we have about
      three pounds of string beans, a few vine ripe tomatoes, garlic, cilantro and a zucchini. It will all come
      together to be our dinner. I also managed to find some ripe peaches, so that will be dessert. It’s all good.
      Chef William recently posted..The Local Farmers Market For BreakfastMy Profile

  2. Alana

    We are going to be on vacation soon, and won’t have cooking facilities, not even a microwave, for our first five nights. We were planning to visit local farmers markets but, I never even thought of trying to make breakfast. Where we are going, peach season will probably have just ended, so I don’t know what local fruits will be available. Plus, it is not a dairy area, unlike where I live. Still, we may be pleasantly surprised. Should be melons and maybe even the last of the grape crop.
    Alana recently posted..Sake Tumi and the President?My Profile

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