Transitioning To Wheat Free

gluten free wraps

It is easy to make wheat free sandwich wraps

Now it is time to review how to make Transitioning to Wheat Free as painless as possible. Believe me, the pros out weight the cons when it comes to making the switch to a wheat free/gluten free lifestyle. One of our sons turns 35 today and he is very worried about his eating habits. He is at the gym daily as part of his martial arts training but his eating habits need a lot of work. Because he has a tournament in about 4 weeks he has asked me to help him start a clean eating program. This week he is going wheat free so he gets any side effects out of the way. Next week we will be doing clean eating for all his meals. I will follow this series with information and recipes about clean eating as I work with him on his training program. He will be surprised, as well some of you might be at how many of our favorite recipes only need a tiny bit of adjustment to be a “clean eating” recipe, but more about that next week.

Some people are going to tell you that going wheat free is easy. You just stop eating gluten and you start losing weight and it is wonderful. Well, for some people that is not exactly how it happens. Unfortunately, there will be a few days where you may very well experience withdrawal symptoms. In fact, it is estimated that about 40 percent of people who go wheat free experience what they generally describe as Continue reading

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Dining Out Gluten Free

Gluten Free eating outAs I continue working with my son as he trains for the tournament, Dining Out Gluten Free is one of his first challenges. He goes from work to the gym and of course he is hungry so he must stay alert if he wishes to eat clean and remain gluten free. Not an easy task when first starting the program. I have warned him not to be surprised if he doesn’t get complete support from his friends or community. The gluten free diet comes attached to many biases and misconceptions. There are definitely many people who just don’t get it. However, he tells me that many of the people he works out with, have much the same lifestyle and are concerned with clean eating and what they put into their bodies.

Clean eating is really after all, what it breaks Continue reading

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Gluten Free Products

Gluten freeGluten Free Products have become much easier to find now the more and more people are requesting and using them. Much like when organic food first got “discovered” by a market that wanted only the best for their family, gluten free products are a tad more costly but the price continues to fall as more companies enter the market.

Almost everywhere you look there are gluten free products. You can find gluten free mustard, gluten free cinnamon rolls, and gluten free pastas. When you’re eliminating wheat and gluten from your diet, it’s Continue reading

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Eliminating Wheat from Your Diet

wheat freeThe First Step To Eliminating Wheat from Your Diet is to find out where all that wheat is hiding.

Did you know that your soy sauce probably contains wheat? Your lipstick might too. Most of us are pretty naive about how many foods actually contain wheat and/or gluten. Yes, I know lipstick isn’t a food but if you wear it, then you ingest it. It happens when you lick your lips or eat something that touches your lips. Probably not a big deal unless you’re allergic to gluten. Let’s get back to that soy sauce…

Wheat is typically found as an ingredient in Continue reading

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Benefits of Going Wheat Free

Gluten free What are the Benefits of Going Wheat Free? Well for most of us there are many. These articles are written for those people because like anything in life, this lifestyle will not be for everyone. It took me a while to convince myself that I was indeed better off living wheat free.

Let’s talk about what might happen when you stop eating wheat. There is a very good chance that you’ve Continue reading

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What Is Wheat

Gluten Free LivingWhat is Wheat and Why Are So Many People removing Wheat from their diets? We will attempt to answer those questions in the next few articles. To go wheat free does require a certain amount of adjustment in your eating habits, but for some of us it is well worth it.

When I tell people I don’t eat wheat sometimes I get an unfavorable response. Some people roll their eyes, others simply nod and check out. They’ve heard it before and they don’t want to hear it again. Occasionally, someone will be interested in the why. Why go wheat free? If you have read this far, I am hoping you are one of those that wants to learn more and perhaps make some adjustments in your clean eating practices.

What is Wheat?

The first question to answer when talking about living wheat free is what is wheat and why is it Continue reading

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Wheat Free Living

Wheat is glutenWheat Free Living appears to be gaining in popularity as more and more companies are adding gluten-free, wheat free products to their well known brands

As awareness of how wheat affects the body and the rise of known cases of Celiac disease, more and more people are turning to a wheat-free diet. Despite the media coverage and ever growing list of gluten-free products on the market, some folks are still confused about this topic and how they can take part in this ever-growing trend or even if they should.

I started reducing my wheat and gluten intake just a few months ago and at that time started researching to learn more about it. While it seems that the gluten free Continue reading

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Is the Gluten Free Diet a Fad?

You can eat Glutin Free without going on a diet.

You can enjoy a gluten free diet lifestyle without going on a diet.

This is a review of an article I posted two years ago about going gluten free, We have added a contest for gluten free products, so enter now.

Have you asked yourself this question but did not have an answer? Is the Gluten Free Diet a Fad

Have you noticed the term “gluten free” on an increasing number of items in your grocery store, from frozen entrees and bakery items, to canned soups, lunch meats and condiments. Even nationwide restaurant chains are highlighting menu items that are gluten free. What is “gluten,” and why would anyone want or need to eliminate it from their diet?
Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found primarily in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is also used as a food additive in a surprisingly broad range of processed items. Unfortunately Continue reading

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Clean Eating is Healthy Eating

Clean Eating is Healthy Eating

Clean Eating is Healthy Eating

I have always known that Clean Eating is Healthy Eating and I have tried for years to eat clean. Sometimes I have been successful for a while but because I worked as a Chef in a high stress kitchen, I often fell of the “Clean Eating” bandwagon. When you are in charge of getting up to 7000 meals moved through your kitchen in about 16 hours, there can be a lot of stress and very little time to actually set down to eat.  A Healthy And Nutritious Diet is something that you plan for other people while you eat on the run.

For the past 12 years I have found time to eat in a healthy manner and focus on proper nutrition. If you have wanted to start clean eating to enjoy a better quality of life Continue reading

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Gluten Free Potato Salad

Potato SaladToday I am making Gluten Free Potato Salad for church school. The school meets all week and we provide lunch for the 50 that are attending. It is for adults and today we are providing a cold chicken lunch with gluten free potato salad among  other goodies. Because it is for so many, I will make it in three batches. This will be easy because the potatoes come in 5 pound bags.

In making it gluten free, I turn to Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. I would use their mayonnaise anyway when not making my own, because I like the flavor, but it is important to know that not all mayonnaise Continue reading

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