Broccoli Tofu Entree

Gluten-FreeToday we are enjoying  a Broccoli Tofu Entree that is made with Tofu that is both non-GMO and Gluten Free. I bought a case of Organic, firm silken tofu yesterday and I am excited to try it in something besides my early morning breakfast smoothie. Oh, I guess I should explain that my morning smoothie is made with ground Chia, Flex and Hemp seeds. nonGMO soy powder, a piece of fruit such as an apple and purified water. When I came up from Mexico I had a supply of non-GMO soy powder but I have not be able to find any here in Wisconsin, As of today, I have replaced it with 3 ounces of the tofu. It contains 6 gm of protein so I am a happy camper.

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Broccoli and Tofu Entree
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Lunch/Dinner
Cuisine: International
Serves: 2
  • 4 to 5 ounces of organic Broccoli florets
  • 4 ounces firm tofu, cubed into ½ inch cubes
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 ounces onion, finely diced
  • 1 ounce olive oil
  • ¼ ounce sesame oil
  • 2 ounces diced cashews
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • Himalayan fine pink salt to taste
  • 2 ounces organic unsalted butter
  • 2 ounces pure water
  1. In a large saute pan, heat half of the olive oil, add the onions and saute until just soft. Then add the garlic, broccoli florets and water. Cover and let then steam together until about half the water is gone. About 2 minutes. Remove the cover, add the butter and let it melt, mixing everything well.
  2. Remove the broccoli mixture to a holding bowl.
  3. Using the same pan, add the remaining olive oil and heat. Then add the tofu and saute, turning each piece until it is lightly brown on each side, about 4 minutes.
  4. Add the sesame oil and cashews and toss together. Add the broccoli mixture, mixing everything gently.
  5. Season to taste and serve.

Chefs Notes:
Of course you do not need to use Himalayan Fine pink salt, whatever salt you like will work with the recipe. Natural salts such as Himalayan pink salt are rich in iodine so it does not need to be added before it goes to market. It is almost 15% natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and a host of others. I sell it through my natural store at Chef Williams Nutrition Store  so it was only natural that I would try it, and now keep a supply in my kitchen.

This Broccoli Tofu Entree is a great dish to serve on Meatless Monday,  I served this with a Spanish Rice as a side dish and they went very well together.

If you are interested in the GMO-Free and Gluten Free tofu, look for Morinaga brand at Costco or your local health food store.

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Health Benefits of Going Gluten-Free

Gluten Free cookingsHave you ever wondered what the Health Benefits of Going Gluten-Free are? There are many but for me, when I tried it I found I felt better, had a lot more energy and did not get so hungry between meals.

In the 50’s and 60’s people didn’t seem to have the health concerns that are now present in a large portion of the population.  Technology has changed, research has been done, and cures have been found, so why are we a sicker population now than we were 50 or 60 years ago?

The answer may surprise you, but if you think about things for a minute, you’ll see it’s not as surprising as one may think. We live in a society that’s money hungry. Whether we mean to be that way or not, the sad truth is we are and it’s the way it is and will be for years to come. We need money to be happy and happiness is everything in life.

With the need of money and happiness comes a price we must pay and that  price is very high when it comes to the health problems we’re beginning to see due to these needs and wants. Is it worth it? When your health is involved, the answer is most definitely NO!

Farmers need more crops to not only accommodate their buyers, but to also satisfy their Gluten free cropspocketbooks and those purchasing from the buyers are the ones paying the price for the farmers desires. While it’s unfortunate, it’s the sad truth, but if we do what we need to do we can overcome these problems and eliminate the purchases we make from the farmers that have these desires.

Gluten allergies and sensitivities are two of the problems that’s on the rise and the reason is because of the farmers using chemicals and other things to increase the number of crops they can produce in one season. They’re making their crops grow bigger and faster so they can produce double or maybe even triple what they used to do in the 50’s and 60’s. This gives them more product to sale and more money in their product but the long term effects on our health are just starting to show up.

These chemicals are changing the product they’re producing which makes it more difficult for our bodies to digest. They’re also creating foods that have preservatives in them so they’ll last longer or have the ability to sit on a shelf instead of in the fridge. The ingredients needed to produce the preservatives include gluten which causes problem for the people that eat them.

Wheat is glutenAccording to many reports eliminating gluten from the diet has proved to be the best thing people can do when they have issues with their gut. It’s also thought to help children with autism and other illnesses along those lines to be better. Eliminating foods with gluten has helped people with immune system problems as well as those with stomach and intestinal issues.

When you remove these problems from your life you’ll feel better. You’ll have more energy and if your anything like me, you will have less cravings between meals. If in fact you come to the realization that gluten was the problem, eliminating it won’t be the hardest thing to do because you’ll understand eating those foods will bring on the pain and frustration that you don’t need in your life. I’m not saying it won’t be a challenge when you first start but before long you will find that going gluten-free and eating non-GMO foods are a great way of life and a nonverbal statement to how you want you food to arrive in the market place.

Now I want to remind you that I am a chef and not a professional medical person so all the information I write about is based on a chefs point of view. With that in mind the first place I head for gluten-free foods is to my local farmers market. By selective purchasing I can get fresh wholesome food and enjoy the Health Benefits of Going Gluten-Free.

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Walking Is Important

WalkingHave you ever wondered why people say that Walking Is Important? Well if you are already a walker I am sure that you the health benefits that a daily walk can bring you. But if your knew at it or about to start a walking program, here is a couple of reasons you might not of thought as to why Walking Is Important There are so many reasons why walking is important beyond the very obvious: it’s fun and great exercise. While the majority of the people that spend time walking do it for fitness, there are several reasons why we should all walk as much as possible.

A Healthier Environment

A large portion of the air pollution in the world comes from Continue reading

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Flour Choices For Gluten Free Cooking

Gluten Free cookingsToday we will talk about the best Flour Choices For Gluten Free Cooking. While you don’t need to do your own baking you will soon find that it is much less costly to bake your own gluten free items than to purchase them already made. Plus we all like to make our own desserts and this makes the choices almost endless. So if you like to bake at all, this article is for you.

Gluten is a complex protein found in Continue reading

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Hidden Sources of Gluten

Going gluten freeGoing Gluten Free is a hot food trend at the moment so here are a few Hidden Sources of Gluten that might interest you. I will also be writing a little about going gluten free and weight loss in a coming article. There are a lot of “Belly Buster” books on the market that stress that going gluten free will rid the world of those bellies that no longer taper along a slim body but instead stick out in front of us as we walk down the street. Well maybe and maybe not. We will go into more detail in Continue reading

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Turmeric Shrimp Salad

grilled shrimp saladToday we are making Turmeric Shrimp Salad using Wild Caught Shrimp which are much taster than the farm raised shrimp that most Americans purchase at their local grocery store.When family health is concerned, knowing where your ingredients come from can be just as important as knowing what ingredients to use.

That’s one reason food such as certified Wild American Shrimp has become popular. They are caught fresh in their own natural environment from the South Atlantic and Continue reading

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Quelite For Breakfast

Breakfast eggsToday we are going to use Quelite for Breakfast to make a different version of the dish known as Eggs Florentine. We will keep it gluten free by replacing the regular English muffins with a gluten free English muffin but use what works best for you.

Way back in 1533 when Catherine de Médicis of Florence married France’s Prince Henry, she brought with her new foods such as spinach as well as her own chefs. Anything they made from spinach was called “a la Florentine” after her home town.

Today, for a change in flavor, we are going to remove the cultivated spinach and replace it with Quelite, which is an Continue reading

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Squash Blossom Omelette

Squash Blossom OmleteMy first culinary encounter with a Squash Blossom Omelette was some 20 years ago while visiting my wifes family in Mexico. Her mother lived in a quaint little town just outside of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific ocean. About two blocks from her house is the farmers market where the locals can purchase what they need for the day and not a lot more.

Their referigators are never full of produce that is going bad, and they have very little leftovers to be used at another time. Instead they will get up in the morning, have a light breakfast then visit the Continue reading

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Independence Day Cookout

avocadoIn the United States today is all about the Independence Day cookout. It is on a Friday this year which means a long weekend and lots of parties everywhere. We are invited to a party this year for a change. In the past, we have hosted the parties but this year, I get to set back and relax while someone else mans the grill. While I won’t need to do anything at the party, it is potluck and I am going to bring a salad. The salad I have chosen to make is a Savory Citrus Avocado Shrimp Salad which I will Continue reading

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Food And Sun Damage.

Food and Sun damageToday, we are going to take a look at food from a different angle, Food and Sun Damage. As a chef, I get asked all sorts of questions about food, but when I was writing about anti-aging a couple of weeks ago I was asked if what we eat had anything to do with Sun damage. It was a good question so I “hit the books” to get some information for them. What I found is interesting enough that I though I would pass it along to you also.  There are certain foods that contain chemical compounds which not only protect your skin when you’re out in the sun but they can also repair your skin and reverse Continue reading

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